Delphi Bits and Pieces

There are more than a few good Delphi sites out on the Web - this doesn't pretend to be one of them, but it will maybe give you a few places to visit, that you might go forth and get useful information from. Hopefully this will be an ongoing project that I can spend a few minutes on every now and then, but please excuse any broken links etc - I'll get to fixing them as soon as possible! Have fun.

Handy Delphi links - The premier source for Delphi programming information and tools. Featuring Online Special Interest Groups (OSIGS), VCL Components, Source Code Samples, Tips, Tricks, Client/Server Development Information and a lot more...

The Delphi Source - a great place to get information about the hottest new programming system for 16 and 32 bit Windows!

LMD Innovative Web Site - Native components for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder!

Delphi Mania - Collection of Delphi resources.

Delphi Xperience - Delphi programming.

Delphi World - Borland Delphi Site.

Net Masters LLC - Internet Solutions for Delphi and C++ Builder.

Frank's Delphi Lessons - Free Delphi Lessons, Example Programs, Help Lib and Learning aids.

The Delphi Graphics Homepage - A great site for 3D developers who use Delphi 2.0+. Header files for Glide, DirectX, OpenGL, etc. can be found here. - Home of INF-Tool, Delphi-Box, Resource-Grabber, Advertising Screensaver, Phantastic Screensaver, Cannabinatic Screensaver, Database Manager, and Newsgroup Grabber.

Mikhail's Delphi Heaven - A new Delphi resource site

Project JEDI - A rebel alliance of Delphi developers who convert C header files of current API to Delphi units. A useful conversion tutorial is available for your own conversion attempts.

Ben Ziegler's Delphi Page - Lots of free Delphi source code: Web tools, Print Preview, Remote Control, etc.

Delphi Team Roma - (No description)

Yves Rochat's Delphi Homepage - Home of YRPasswrd (protection of your application execution by password).

.DB - Delphi Brasil - Delphi programming site in Brazil.

Chuck's Delphi Pages - Resources for developers using Borland Delphi. Contains free components, articles, reviews, tips and links.

Delphi Links - Has a list of Delphi links, online publications, and users groups.

my.Delphi Developer Home - PasPDF, vPdfCreator, my.Expert, FlashFiler, etc...

Horia Tudosie - Delphi Programmer - Delphi Programmer.

TDspQuery Component Page - Delphi components for a better work with databases.

The UK's online directory of training related resources - Searchable directory of training courses and related resources in the UK, including live statistics and free sign-up.

Delphi Northbay SIG - (No description)

Marko Tietz's Borland Delphi Homepage - (No description)

Delphi Companion - The Delphi Companion pages links you to all sorts of Delphi-programming resources.

---Adiamante's Keep--- - This very flash-ed site contains lots of delphi stuff, including some fully functional programs and COMPUTER GAMES made with delphi available to download. Tutorials and other articles also feature. I also have a large section of my site devoted to computer graphics and music. - Only high quality components and applications for Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual Basic developers. Many useful tools in many categories, books, forums, and much more.

Ye Olde Delphi Game Developer - Provides easy to understand tutorials on creating games in Delphi, both with and without the use of additional game components.

COdE's e-zine about Windows and Delphi - A place for answers. Articles, tips and tricks about Delphi and Windows

Dave's RAD Pages - This is a growing site providing resources for the Borland Delphi and C++ Builder developer. Frontpage, Perl/CGI Sripts too!

Database Programmers Retreat - We offer expert hands-on Delphi training, Internet & Web developer training, Visual FoxPro training, Visual Basic training, Java training and MS SQL Server training.

EK RTF report component for Delphi - EK RTF report is non-visual native Delphi component that allows you to use MS Word or other RTF editor as report designer. Output result is RTF document. You don't need to have Word installed on computer to make reports.

Dave's Personal Computing Site - Site with Free software, Links to other resources. Delphi programming Hints and tips. Personal Security, Car and Van Security, Truck and Trailer Security, News Feed and Stock Quotes, Message boards, Free eMail, Live Chat

Delphi Free Stuff - Delphi freeware components with complete source code.

The 3D Delphi Ticks and Trips Page - 3D Graphics programming in Delphi, using OpenGL and a little Glide.

Torry's Delphi Pages - A lot of components, tools, code samples, etc, for Inprise (Borland) Delphi and C++ Builder programmers.

Delphi Programming Page - Borland Delphi page with visual-, non-visual components, units, projects, source, capi, directx.

DelphiLand - Free Delphi programming tutorials (online and download), tips, source code. English/Dutch.

Delphi Super Page - (No description)

Delphi Central - Provides free articles, tutorials, and components for the Delphi community.

Almico's Delphi Components Home Page - Delphi components to handle Video for Windows devices (avi capture), JPEG and image manipulation, TWAIN devices (like scanners and digital cameras), Voice commands (through SAPI compliant engines like VoiceType and Microsoft Speech), easy Wave Audio recording and playing, Paradox tables recovery and management and much more.Pre-compiled demos available online. Try before you buy!

MULTILIZER VCL Edition - A comprehensive product for software localization in any Delphi (1-4) and C++ Builder (1-4). It includes components for speeding up developer's tasks and the Language Manager utility for getting Wizard-powered usability in time-consuming localization tasks. The unique architecture of the product gives the scalability and flexibility needed in any professional software localization projects. MULTILIZER also supports Visual Basic, Visual J++, and Java environments.

SDL Delphi Components - This page lists the Delphi components and units which are currently available from H. Lohninger/SDL. Most of our Delphi units are prepared for all versions of Delphi and C++Builder, thus providing full support for these development tools.

Delphi Games Programming - All aspects of computer games programming in the Delphi environment. Most content is DirectX related.

Delphi HeadQuarters - Borland Delphi resource site. Code, components, links and more...

Delphi2Java - Delphi2Java home page, easily creates JAVA source code from Delphi's Pascal code.

Mike's Delphi Page - (No description)

Orange County Delphi User's Group - Web site dedicated to Delphi Professionals. Although we are located in Orange County, CA, we welcome visitors from around the globe.

Central Iowa Delphi User's Group - Membership is free and open to anyone interested in Delphi. Meets on the third Tuesday of each month in Des Moines, IA.

The Delphi Programming Source Codes Delphi_Tips mailing list! - Every week subscribers get free Delphi tips, advice, source code, and helpful Delphi programming related www links.

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